October Ramblings: Late Night Edition

Sometimes, it takes a while for the heart to catch up with your brain. You know in your mind that enough is enough. You know that this should stop, that it isn’t right anymore. But why do you keep on doing it? Because you feel like you have to. Because you feel like it’s your fault and you want to fix it. Because you feel awful and guilty and, most of all, confused because it’s all happening so fast.

The thing is, when something isn’t right anymore and it’s beyond repair, you should stop forcing it. Stop trying, especially if you’re giving up too much of you.

At the end of the day, if it all implodes anyway despite your efforts, you’ll be left with nothing. You’ll be left tired, worn out and alone. You’ll be left feeling like you don’t know anything anymore. What’s worse is that you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

Love and respect yourself enough to walk away.


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